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Established in 2009, REACH- Resource Enhancement Academy for Career Heights is one of its kind professional grooming academies, under the Government sector. It is one of the most significant initiatives of Kerala State Women’s Development Corporation, under the Department of Social Justice, Govt. of Kerala.

This professional finishing school, an ISO

REACH Certification Programme REACH has been prominent in the Finishing School education scenario for a long period. What a career aspirant needs today is a set of skills, which are hard to define, and harder to find in books. These skills, popularly known as soft skills, define one’s personality and most often become the deciding factor in formal situations.

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The Kerala State Women’s Development Corporation (KSWDC) seeks to bring women out of binding normative strictures by making them active participators in societal development and progress. It mans the Government of Kerala’s concern in empowering the women of the state.